faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

Very good question! You might be thinking: "Wow. Another hipster fashion product. That’s what the world needed. Why are you guys doing this?
Well, first of all, because it’s fun. Surprisingly that's what a lot of people tend to forget: To do something out of passion and with joy, not because it brings money. We made the first suits just for ourselves. We love design and tailoring and we love wearing comfortable suits. But fun and passion are not enough to start a company, you need purpose.

Which brings us to the second reason: We actually want you to buy less. Less clothes, less fashion. If you leave this website without buying anything that is fine. We still love making suits and we still love you. Just please stop buying random shit. We think John Oliver puts it best: 


After we finished our first suits we found out that with a good suit you can actually skip most of the coming and going fashion trends because it’s just the right style for (almost) every occasion.

So if you still hanging around here: Go buy a BABAKOTO - the only suit you need and the last one you buy.

Washing & Ironing?

You can wash your BABAKOTO in a regular washing machine at a maximum of 30°C. Please use the delicates program and mild detergent.
We recommend to wash alone and to use a laundry bag (which you'll get with your suit). You can also iron your BABAKOTO though we recommend setting your iron to the lowest setting.

Warranty & Returns ?

You can return all accessories and unisize products within 4 Weeks, no questions asked.

All tailored products are not returnable.
If you have any problem with your BABAKOTO or if you are not 100% happy just let us know. We will find a solution. We are superheroes. Well, almost.


We are using a Material that is 70% lyocell,  21,9% polyamide 8,1% elastane and which is made in Portugal. The moment we grow bigger we will try to source the polyamide & elastane from recycled PET or find a more eco-friendly solution. If you have tipps please let us know!