BABAKOTO is the madagascan name for Indri, the world's biggest Lemur. A BABAKOTO jumps around the trees and looks as stylish as James Bond while at it. When we saw them, we wanted to be like them. As that wasn't feasible we worked out the closest thing we could: Making a suit that gives you the same style, flexibility and silliness. 



BABAKOTO is based in Berlin and was founded by Paul Kupfer, social Entrepreneur and co-founder of soulbottles and Mareike Ficht, fashion designer and alumni of ArtEZ in Arnhem.


Here is the best photo we could find of them. But you can totally trust them, they really know what they are doing.

Designs & Materials

We designed and tested a lot of different materials and cuts before we got where we are today. The result is a suit ready for all occasions.


Our goal for the future is to design a "off-the-Shelf" collection of BABAKOTO suits for a lower price. But we are still planing, if you like to be kept up to date please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on facebook or Instagram.