the best suits in the world


Your BABAKOTO is the only suit you need. It got everything you want and more. It's made out of a high quality, stretchy performance material, so you can wear them for sports but also for a dinner party. Our material comes from eco-friendly sources in Portugal and the suits are hand-made in Berlin. Oh, and they are super-comfy. They are made to make you feel good. In fact you will feel great. We promise. 


How to Order

Every BABAKOTO is tailored just for you. So you cannot order from the shelf. If you like one just go here

  • You can take your measures and send them to us or visit our workshop in Berlin
  • Customize your suit: Choose color, material and details

the sustainable suit

We want to give you a suit that is truly sustainable. Or dare we say suitainable? 

Our fabrics are locally produced in Portugal under good working conditions. We use a material called Lyocell, which is 100% Vegan and needs a lot less water to grow than cotton.

Also: After getting your BABAKOTO you will probably never buy a different suit. And less consuming is almost always the sustainable option.

  • Hand-Made in Berlin
  • Fabrics from Portugal
  • 100% Vegan

The Sporty Suit

Did you ever see a James Bond movie, where he does all these fights and stunts in a smoking? If you ever wore one, you know that ain’t possible. In a fitted suit you feel dressed up. Like in a costume. You can hardly scratch your own back.


So a lot of  people buy a suit and hardly ever wear it because it’s just unpractical. 


Our suits are stretchy you can do yoga in them or Kung-Fu. We tried both. Because of the breathable material you can even go on long bike rides.

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